Temple Theatre Organ Club

Established October 25, 1970

The Temple Theatre Organ Club is a Michigan Non-profit Corporation.
Members are dedicated to the purposes of the organization:
A. Promoting interest in the theatre pipe organ
B. Educating young people and adults in the history, heritage and cultural contribution of the theatre pipe organ
C. Producing and presenting concerts and performances on the organ
D. Preserving and restoring the theatre pipe organ

The Temple Theatre Golden Voiced Barton pipe organ is one of only 12 instruments built for the Butterfield Theatre Corporation. This instrument was never modified or changed since the original 1927 installation, it is a genuine example of the builder’s craft. Throughout the history of the organ club the preservation of the instrument has been the primary focus of the group.

Meetings are held in the Temple Theatre four times each year to conduct the business of the club. These meetings usually are prefaced by performances on the organ. Membership is open to all who wish to support the preservation and education efforts of the club. One need not be an organist or be able to play an instrument to belong to the club. Contacting Temple Theatre Organ Club through the Theatre Office, one can obtain membership at any time.

The Temple Theatre Organ Club also manages a small scholarship fund from donations. This fund makes small gifts to applicants who need financial support to further their study of the organ. Gifts to the fund are accepted at any time and the club is a Federal 501 (c) 3 educational non-profit corporation.

Additional funds are managed for the restoration and maintenance of the organ. Professional technicians under the direct supervision of the Organ Curator accomplish Tuning and repairs. The current need is for funds to completely restore the 80-year-old console that contains the keys and playing controls of the instrument.